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Jose Cuervo Clasico

Jose Cuervo approached Cuticone Design to partner and create a premium brand of silver tequila that would sit next to their iconic Jose Cuervo Gold base line. The main goal of the project instill the new Clasico with authentic heritage cues while highlighting the brand legacy inherent in every bottle of Cuervo tequila.

We've also been tasked with brand facelifts like this one for 1800 Anejo, and new product innovations like Maestro tequilero a Mexican heritage brand with cues that highlight the legacy of the master blender. 

Cuervo Margaritas Minis, made exclusively with Cuervo Gold, are the world’s number one ready-to-serve margaritas. For this reason we made sure we instilled this redesign with our finest brand thinking. Just pour over ice and enjoy!


Shown here are a collection of other liquor and beverage 

packaging that we've had the privilege to design.

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